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Ekaterina is the saga of a precocious child who matures into a strong-willed, beautiful, and talented White Russian emigree who fights for the freedom to live her own life amidst war, bigotry, and personal loss. Challenged from the moment of her birth, Ekaterina travels from Russia to China to the Philippines and eventually to the United States. At each step of her journey, she alternates between victim and heroine but remains a perpetual foreigner in strange lands. Banishment, an unplanned child, men - kind and cruel, death, war, communism, and civil rights consume her. Ekaterina's tale is one of tragedy and triumph within the sweeping global political, military, economic, and social changes of the last century. At its core, Ekaterina is a story of loyalty, love, and survival.

Based on a True Story

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Excellent story of an amazing woman - Arthur Kuehne

A coming to America story like no other - David Stephenson

Ekaterina is a very enjoyable read - Patricia Smith

A tale well told. It was truly memorable - Franklin J. Martz

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